Insane Lemmings – After Release

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Positive news has been received from the Insane Lemmings front line. Insane Lemmings: Maths Drop has returned excellent rankings from around the world!

Who would have predicted that a division of small creatures living on the edge of insanity would rank so well among young and old alike? With a keen interest in mathematics, these insane lemmings have worked hard to achieve the following ranks in the category of ‘Top New Free / Educational’ games:

• 3rd in United States

• 4th in United Kingdom

• 5th in Russia

• 7th in Canada

• 10th in Germany

In addition, Insane Lemmings: Maths Drop has been included in Games Key’s Top New Android Games to Play!

We are honoured to receive such positive responses from players and the gaming community for our wacky, niche, educational maths game.

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